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YURURUN is Organic Cotton Warmer

Safe and relief material are used against my chemical substance hypersensitivity

"Yururun" is a body warming tool, which can be repeatedly used by heating with the microwave oven. The effectiveness for relaxation and healing is outstanding, and suitable for caring cold-feeling, back-pain, or stiff-shoulder, etc. When the body is warmed, "immunity", "basal metabolism", and "internal enzyme" would be activated.

When tired really, when of a slight cold, or when the stomach got cold, if the "Yururun" is put on the shoulder, or back and take a rest, "Yururun" effect will fully open and become healthy feeling. Why don't you make your body and heart become warm with "Yururun" made from 100% natural materials.

Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun
Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun

Carefully selected body friendly materials

Ikko Yururun

In cotton production, 20,000,000 tons, of the world, there is only 100,000 tons of 0.5% of the whole cotton, certified as organic cotton by the origanizer. "Pima Cotton" is especially a highly rare and precious organic cotton. "YURURUN" is made with the fabric of Pima Cotton.

In addtion, "Yururun" is made by using the other safe and relief materials such as, organic unpolished brown rice, organic rice bran, organic roasted tea, salt, organic lace and organic thread. So, "Yururun" is a very body freindly product.

How to use "Yururun"

"Yururun" can be used repeatedly by heating with the microwave oven. Rice bran of the inside will be becoming fragrant more and more, so as to be used everyday. Additionally, in another way, it is very comfortable even if "Yururun" is chilled.

Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun

Warming by using microwave oven. Warming duration depends on the Yururun size.
(two to five minutes depends on the microwave wattage also.)
Put on your shoulder. Put on your back. Really comfortable.

Yururun's thoughts

Chemical substance hypersensitivity, disease the cause of ill-health, had not been recognized in the medical community. I had received a diagnosis of chemical substance hypersensitivity with a food intolerance in August 2004 at Kitasato University Institute Hospital Environmental Medical Center.

In modern society, we can enjoy the rich and convenient life, but on the other hand, we have a life that has a lot of stress caused by away from nature. In nature, there are full of things that will be healthy to recover and heal people. In rice producing area, Akita-ken, we had a safe and relief organic unpolished brown rice, rice bran. Not only eating these but also utilizing as the natural material of the goods, to heal the person who gets tired in the busy modern society, with the friendly warmth .

Yururun Shop

In addtion to the "Yururun" warmer goods, the various organic cotton goods are sold, such as organic cotton hat, mask, eye mask, cat-dog mascot, brooch, etc.

Open hours : AM11:00 - PM6:00 (no regular closing day)

Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun
Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun
Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun Ikko Yururun


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